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Sandwich Odyssey

Summer 2016

Today, sandwiches are serious business and they have transformed to a whole new, delicious level! Read this edition to learn more about gourmet ice cream sandwiches and perfected melted sandwiches. Be sure to try Chef Helene's Cubano Sandwiches featuring Dr. Pepper® marinated Pork Butt!

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Choose to fuse

Spring 2016

This edition of Flavor Forward features Asian Fusion, charred flavors and Ramen bars. Once you try Chef Helene’s Slow Cooked Korean Short Ribs with Wasabi Soy Grits, they will be a permanent addition to the menu.

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Aromatica 2016: Flavor Insights & Inspirations

Winter 2016

Imagine where flavor can take you. For those who hunger for the new, the unique, the exceptional. For those who thirst for the inspiring and the audacious. For those who crave foods that feature salty and sweet and savory and bravery. This is your journey of flavor. Explore the many appetizing and wondrous regions of Asia. Take your taste buds on a tour of peppers from across the globe. Venture into the sublime world of sophisticated sandwiches. Seek out familiar favorites that transform into dramatically delicious desserts. So go ahead. Savor the journey. Click below to read more about Pepper Pilgrimage, Sandwich Odyssey, Asian Fusion and Dessert Drama.

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Raise your glass to craft cocktails and winter festivities!

Winter 2015

This edition of Flavor Forward features creative cocktails, millennials feeling at home with Fast Casual restaurants and our NEW Durkee® Sriracha Seasoning. Be sure to try Chef Helene’s new recipe: Southern Spice on the Bourbon Trail, perfected with Durkee® Sriracha sugar.

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Snacking takes flight

Fall 2015

This edition of Flavor Forward features popular fall flavors like Pumpkin Pie Spice. Read about mini meals and small bite buffets to add to the menu for the game-day watchers, who will be looking for delicious snacks to share! Chef Helene’s Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Bourbon Caramel Sauce is the perfect edition for a fall dessert special.

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Free Webinar: Moving Your Gluten-Free Operations from Good to GREAT!

August 1, 2015

Serving safe gluten-free food to the celiac disease community can make the difference between a good and bad review. Do your gluten-free practices make the cut?

Join the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA), a national non-profit organization, and Argo Corn Starch as we host a free webinar designed to increase gluten-free food options in restaurants and other foodservice operations. Attendees will learn to:

  • Assess their ability to safely serve gluten-free guests
  • Recognize management decisions involved in developing or improving a gluten-free program
  • Identify staff and operational capabilities and challenges
  • Strengthen their back-of-house systems for making gluten-free as easy as possible while maintaining safety, taste, and confidence
  • Enhance and expand their gluten-free menu options with substitutions and gluten-free products
  • Identify ways to communicate and market to the special diet guest

This webinar will be presented by expert panelists Beckee Moreland, NFCA Director of GREAT Kitchens and Bob Strate, Chief Operations Officer for TaMolly's of America, a regional chain, with 11 accredited GREAT Kitchens locations that have successfully implemented safe gluten-free protocols with proven results.

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Durkee® Sriracha is Now Available!

August 1, 2015

Consumers can't get enough of the Sriracha flavor and now with Durkee Sriracha Seasoning, operators can bring the flavor to more applications in a new and exciting way. The blend is a deep red color with a texture comparable to seasoning salt. The delicious flavor is spicy hot with well- balanced sweet, salty and garlic notes. The seasoning is excellent on sweet potato fries and French fries. It’s a great mixer, adding delicious flavor to dips and sauces like ranch dressing, hummus, sour cream and mayonnaise.

Contact your ACH Foodservice team for a sample of our Durkee Sriracha Seasoning.

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NEW Kale Slaw Recipes & Henri's Operator Rebate

June 2, 2015

Kale has quickly become one of the fastest growing salad types on salad and appetizer menus. When you start with fresh chopped kale and Henri's Tas-Tee® dressing, you can create dozens of delicious combinations to fit any menu. Take advantage of the Henri's Operator Rebate currently available now through August 15, 2015. $4.00 per 4/1 Gallon Case & $3.00 per 207/1oz Portion Packs. See rebate for more information.

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Move over, meat - vegetables take the spotlight

Summer 2015

Read about adding big flavor to vegetables, the pickling trend and new ways to add veggies to the menu. Get started with Helene's Black Bean Burgers perfected with Chipotle Mayonnaise. Learn new ways to customize and connect with the Millennials.

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Aromatica 2015: Flavor Insights & Inspirations

Summer 2015

Food is always an adventure. Flavor stirs the drama. Those who measure and mix and cook and taste are the authors who create flavorful twists and turns that surprise and delight us all. So let us embark on an adventure in flavor told in four trends. Each one rooted in the past, alive in the present, and most importantly, poised for the future. Middle Eastern Cuisine. Vegetables. Snacks. Nose to Tail Cooking. All are filled with character, intrigue, and endless creative possibilities.

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Unraveling the Mystery of Middle Eastern Cuisine

Spring 2015

Learn more about these trending flavors along with a delicious falafel burger recipe. This edition features Apple Pay and the "digital wallet" reality.

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Flavor Forward

At ACH Foodservice, food and flavor are our passions. Quality, food safety, and partnership are our promises.

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A network of consulting chefs with varying specializations, several broker chef representatives, and our own in-house culinary staff work together in the development of on-trend flavors, innovative menu ideas, and exciting recipes. We also develop recipes to meet special dietary needs such as reduced sodium or gluten-free menu solutions.

Set out on a sandwich Odyssey

Today, Sandwiches are serious business. With the addition of upscale ingredients, these trends are the best thing to happen to sandwiches, well, since sliced bread. Try our Avocado Salmon Six Pepper BLT with Basil Mayo.

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Explore Asian Fusion

From Korean BBQ to Chinese tea to Japanese ramen, traditonal Asian flavors are fusing with today’s trends to create tastes and textures for a globale palate. Try our Savory slow cooked short ribs that are nestled atop tangy wasabi-soy grits garnished with substantial strips of ginger for a fusion of flavors that’s unforgettable.

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Embark on a whole animal adventure

It’s time to get to the heart of adventure. Not to mention the kidneys, the cheeks, the tongue and, of course, the tail. Just like in ancient times, using every part of the animal is all the rage again. Today authentic, robust, mouthwatering flavors are elevating lesser cuts of meat to greater prominence. Try our savory Oxtail Ragu with Pappardelle.

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Snacking Takes Flight

Once upon a time, there were appetizers to ease hunger between meals. Now, the trend of snacking is commanding greater attention and higher checks. Sophisticated flavors and adventurous flights are inspiring chefs to step up and create small bites worthy of the big time. Try our flavorful deviled egg recipes.

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Celebrating Vegetables: A Journey From Dirt to Dinner

Who would have thought that the trend on the tip of many chef's tongue would be, of all things, vegetables? It's true. A veritable vegetable resurgence is taking menus by storm. From caramelizing to roasting to fermenting, it's a trend that transports everything from arugula to zucchini into extraordinary expeditions in flavor. Try our Quick Pickle Vegetables.

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Unraveling the Mystery of Middle Eastern Cuisine

Sweet dates. Juicy pomegranates. Succulent sumac. Hearty chickpeas. Simple ingredients layered with bold flavors and spectacular spices. That’s the cuisine of the Middle East. A region as intriguing as it is inspiring. Try our Chicken Shawarma with Muhammara Sauce.

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Breakfast Knows No Bounds.

Traditional breakfast foods are in demand 24/7. Patrons are looking for options that are portable on busy mornings, so flavorful breakfast sandwiches are more popular than ever. Try our Waffle Egg Sandwich recipe.

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The Heat Of The Moment.

Bold ethnic cuisine like Thai and Mexican, crazy combos of exotic or unexpected flavors, sweet/spice mashups, and high-heat chiles are everywhere. Chipotle, Buffalo, sriracha, and harissa are especially popular. Here’s a fiery recipe patrons will love: Spicy Chinese Chicken Buns.

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Set Yourself (Gluten) Free.

The Gluten Free trend is here to stay. Luckily, it’s not hard to offer fabulous gluten-free dishes by substituting alternate grains like quinoa, wild rice, or corn for wheat-based counterparts. Try our especially delicious gluten-free recipe: Quinoa Enchiladas.

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